Benchmark Petroleum Institute

Advanced Seismic Stratigraphy: A Sequence-Wavelet Analysis Exploration-Exploitation Workshop.

  • ID: 652

This course is designed to teach students how to separate fact from artifact in seismic stratigraphy processing and interpretation. Students will also learn how to apply 2D and 3-D seismic stratigraphy to field development.

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Avo, Inversion, and Attributes: Principle and Application

  • ID: 651

This course is designed to provide a clear and usable understanding of the current and evolving state of these technologies to the students. This course focuses on understanding and application.

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LNG Short Course: Technology and the LNG Chain

  • ID: 650

This course covers an overview of the technology in the LNG chain. Facility operation topics, technical and design issues are also covered in this short course.

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Overview of Gas Processing- Non-Technical

  • ID: 649

The course gives student an overview of the natural gas industry, from wellhead to marketplace, with emphasis on gas plant operations. The overall process flow diagram will be used to illustrate how the various individual plant operations are integrated to create gas plants capable of handling feeds from gas fields…

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Gas conditioning and Processing

  • ID: 648

This course covers gas handling, conditioning and processing in an integrated plant from purification to liquefaction. There will be also a review on general natural gas processing in detail.

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